New Approaches to Quality Healthcare

One of the benefits we hope to offer AAESEP members is to provide a broader understanding of how to improve health care to employees and self-employed persons throughout America and at the same time reduce its costs. Of course, and having the government provide the legal environment to accomplish this worthy goal.

  1. Price transparency is an absolute when thinking about lowering health care costs. The American Hospital Association, the American Medical Association and, health workers unions are at least three of the most powerful lobbyists that have impeded reform in this area.
  2. Another way to reduce costs is to reform how malpractice is handled. Tort law in
    America is defined by the so-called American rule where each side in a legal dispute pays its own legal expenses. Though there is a rational basis for the adoption of this rule (reducing frivolous lawsuits) the English rule adopted by nearly every industrialized nation in the world where the loser pays the expenses of both sides would reduce the cost of malpractice professional liability insurance and thereby lower the cost of health insurance. Some States have addressed the issue by capping medical malpractice awards.
  3. Even with the adoption of greater transparency and the opportunity of lower costs due to the implementation of the English rule consumers of health care (members of AAESEP included) must be encouraged to be better shoppers for health care services.
  4. Health care insurance programs should be developed with the understanding that
    consumers of health care are not looking to cover every minute cost of service at the expense of increasing their premium. One of the ways of addressing this issue is the purchase of major medical insurance plus a health savings account to take care of routine health care. Note, if the money in the account is not exhausted it can be rolled over into a 401(k) account at the end of each year. This is another way to provide an incentive to purchase health care services prudently.
  5. Lastly, we must touch upon a subject of some sensitivity and a great deal of compassion. Our nation is growing older as technology improves. This leads to the ever-increasing costs of an aging society and the unwillingness to face the inevitability of the death of our loved ones as well as ourselves. This is probably the most difficult to accomplish since it involves a religious, social and educational challenge that only a free society as our own is able to confront.